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Crash Courses provided by Lams Manchester Driving School are a great and cost effective way for you to pass your driving test.


By block booking your driving lessons, not only do you save money, you also have a structure to your driving lessons. By having this structure, learning to drive becomes much easier.


Here at Lams Manchester Driving School, we have a better pass rate with learner driver who choose to block book their driving lessons.


Please feel free to contact us on the numbers above to discuss our block booking driving courses.

10 hours = £240
Suitable for a learner driver with previous experience, or a leaner driver who has already taken a practical driving test.

15 hours = £352
Ideal for a learner driver who has had lessons before and want to restart, or a learner driver who simply wants to save money

20 hours = £460
A great deal for a learner driver who is confident and taken a few driving lessons before.

30 hours = £675
Ideal for a learner driver who has had just a few lessons or private practice.

40 hours = £880
Fantastic price for a beginner learner driver.

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