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The Practical Driving Test can be a very nervous experience for a leaner driver, but here at Manchester Driving School, we have the experience to give you all the tools you need to pass your Practical Driving Test.


For all the information you need regarding the car practical driving test, please refer to the government run website

Practical Driving Test For Cars

What Happens During The Practical Driving Test

Pass your driving test

The Practical Driving test


"Eyesight Check"

You will have to read a number plate from a distance of about 20m.


"Show me, tell me"

You will be asked 2 vehicle safety questions.


"The Driving Ability Part"

The test will last about 40 minutes and throughout your examiner will be looking for an overal safe standard of driving.


This will include

normal stops

an angle start (pulling out from behind a parked vehicle)

a hill start

One of - reversing around a corner, turning in the road, reverse parking

Independant 10 minute driving


Here at Lams Manchester Driving School, we will give you all the driving instruction needed, so you can confidently pass the practical driving test. We structure each driving lesson so that you gain valuable driving experience in one of the driving tasks that will occur in the practical driving test.


"Manchester Driving School was a breath of fresh air compared to my last instructor. You were very patient and understanding even though it may have taken more attempts at certain elements of driving than I would have liked. Passing my driving test with Manchester Driving School now means that I can visit my daughter whenever I like, Thank you Mark."

Margerat - Davyhulme

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